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Slammer Online Slot Review (Тюрягя)


Unusual online slot named Slammer appeared in some online casinos in 2016. Prior to that, none of the games creators ever used this theme for the casino - prison theme.

The theme is treacky, but never say "no" without trying. Prison culture is a special culture with its own attributes, slang, muic, tattoos, etc. This culture is quite popular on the internet, TV and vovies. It was only a matter of time before it gets to the online casino.


Slammer slotSlammer slotSo, what is a Slammer slot machine?


The old gray room, two-story iron bed, a domino and a mug of tea on the table, blonde girl in a bikini poster on a shabby wall - this entourage you will see when start playing this online slot. And the main character in it is a man in tattoos who clearly has seen life. Immediately it is worth noting that the graphics are up to par. The musical accompaniment is also not far behind - dull chanson sure will create the right mood.


There are all five reels in the Slammer slot game. Symbols: cigarettes, steel circle, dominoes, beads, seals and the Bible. Bible here has a special meaning: for 3 symbols you get 10 free spins! Not bad, right? A total of pay lines is 9. The bonus game - card game.

On our site you can play Slammer slot for free. If you like it, feel free to navigate to online casino and play for money - you will want to return to this prison, unlike any other. And, you can get away with a lot of money!