Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Features

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Information

  • Game Type: slot
  • Software: Betsoft

Tale of the famous author Robert Stevenson was the occasion to create an interesting and modern Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde slot machine. The model was created using three-dimensional graphics, has 5 reels and several rows of symbols. You can win 243 combinations.


Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde slotDr Jekyll Mr Hyde slotDescription

The Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde slot gives players a chance to spin the reels, whenever you choose to purchase or to obtain free spins with the possibility of winning real prizes. A bet on each round begins with 25 cents. As you progress through the game, participants can witness how the famous hero of the story turns into a monster. In the presence of Mr. Hyde winnings by spinning the reels can be maximized.


Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde slot provides the abilities to:

– Take advantage of the bonus game;

– To bet up to 5 coins of denomination of 1 Euro;

– Automatic start mode of the game;

– To launch a risk game mode (in case of winning the prize amount is doubled).


To get the prize, you should have several identical pictures on the screen. For some rare characters lined up a chain, you can get the maximum payoff price.


Symbols and pay lines

Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde slot has multiple symbol sets: for the most frequent ones lined up in a row after rotation you can earn from 3 to 5 euros. For the rare symbols­ in one field you can get up to 150 euros. The symbols in the slot machine linked to a double essence of the main character. To get free spins the active line should fill up with liquid from the red and blue vessels. The optimal location of the containers of liquid – on either sides of Mr. Hyde. The game is aimed at overturning vessels after the loss of certain combinations.

After committing the crime the protagonist is being chased by police and the player is required to help Mr. Hyde to escape from it, running on several streets of London. For a successful separation from chasing the player receives a bonus payment.


There are 30 lines and 5 reels, multiple symbols sets. Some characters are unique and they can give you the maximum benefit which depends on your bet. To get bonus games you should get several identical symbols in one line or successfully complete the game levels. Take advantage of free spins at any time you want.



Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde slot is a handy tool with 5 reels. The most valuable group of symbols rarely falls here, but it offsets by amount of winnings. The machine is based on realistic graphics and exciting plot so it is difficult to break away from it after meeting with the main characters. It is possible to play without registration and for free.