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ELK Slots - ELK Casino Games


The Elk Studios company appeared on the market of the gambling industry not so long ago and in a short while managed to attract a lot of gamers. Its collection includes only a few ELK slots, but the development team does not stand still, promising to annually delight their fans with new masterpieces. 

More and more Elk casinos are eager to cooperate with this software manufacturer and this is not surprising. The demand for ELK casino games is growing steadily and the main reason is an exceptional gameplay with a clearly thought-out storyline. And in addition to the smallest detail, the graphics are thought out, sound effects are introduced - and this is not all that the Elk slots are famous for. 

How it all began? 

In 2012, a young and unknown organization with an unusual name appeared. The goal of the creators was to present the audience something new, something they had not yet come across. Is it interesting to thoughtlessly spin the reels with a chaotic set of symbols that are not related to each other? The plot is at the head of everything, but at the same time the schedule contributes its share to the idea. This was the concept of the founders, which eventually paid off. The efforts of the ELK Studios team were not in vain. Although they released only 4 Elk casino games during this time, but this was a weighty number considering that each slot had exclusive features and options that made the gameplay truly fascinating. 

Another plus of the company is the compatibility of products with mobile devices. Each developed project is available for Android and IOS, while its quality is not inferior to full-format versions. 

More about ELK Slots 

To your attention 4 amazing Elk games with the ability to play both for money and for free. The probability of winning more than 95%, and therefore such entertainment can safely be called a lucrative occupation. Each element in the catalog is a 5-reel mechanism with different characteristics. 

In addition, the style of the interface and the design of the icons fully meets the stated subject. The graphics are made at the level of the latest technologies, using three-dimensional images and unusual design solutions. Thanks to this qualitative approach to design, you have the impression that you are a participant in the game events. The color scale and palette of symbols envelop you with the atmosphere of the Elk slot, fencing off from the real world. 

ELK games are fairly simple to use - a few clicks of the mouse separate you from the treasures. For a brief hour, you are immersed in an amazing online world.There are original videos at the beginning of each Elk slot machine that briefly describe the storyline.


First of all you need to place a bet. The game has already set the minimum amount charged. Those who are thirsty for thrill can experiment  with the stakes a little bit. How exactly? This is the main surprise that the company has prepared for you. 


ELK Studios decided not to limit themselves to the standard choice of rates, but to offer gamers to take advantage of one of three strategies. You can set a certain number of credits or activate tactics of a systematic increase/decrease in the rate. As a result, the bet size will automatically change in accordance with the specified strategy. 

The present techniques are based on known strategic schemes aimed only at profit in the money mode. So, slot machines offer to choose one of three possible tactics: 

- The Jumper Strategy 
- Leveller Strategy 
- Booster Strategy 

Each win signifies a rate hike to one level, the so-called leap forward. Gradual increase will continue until you reach the 4th level. In case of an unsuccessful round, you return to the initial size and everything starts on a new one. The player can independently set the minimum bet level. 


This system is the opposite of the previous one described above. Each time you lose, your bet automatically rises to two levels, and, if luckily coincides, returns to its original position. Again, you have the right to decide at what stage to begin - with the least or put a few more loans. 


According to the Booster technique, the rate evenly increases by one position after a loss. If there is a win, you get to the beginning. 

To understand how these original strategies work, you can play in the training mode, not risking anything.


Other pleasant features

In addition to these manipulations, the interface contains additional innovations that greatly simplify the gameplay. Information about bonuses and payments is presented in a separate menu. You can also play automatically - you must press and hold the Start button.


It is worth mentioning that ELK games have various incentives - bonus games and profitable symbols, giving the online game a special twist. With a help of bonuses, you can quite increase the advantage over the Elk casino, because after gaining access to the add-ons, you compete with Mrs. Luck without any risk to yourself. To completely get rid of fears, download slots for free and play with confidence.


In such a short time, this software developer had time to prove itself on the good side. Having created several online emulators, ELK presented a new era of gaming devices with unusual innovations. Playing the free version, you can learn all the details and decide whether the game is worth playing for real money. Training mode provides you with a certain amount of demo tools that you will dispose of during the round.


The team of creators is not going to stop there. Soon they promise to please you with revolutionary and interesting Elk slots novelties, with no trivial history and equally brilliant graphic effects.


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